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Mike Hodgson

Old Castle Renovations was
founded by Mike Hodgson
after being in the renovation
business for several years
and specializes in old
home and century
home renovations
and restorations.

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2014 Ace Awards

ACE Awards celebrate the most creative and
professional work in the London home building
industry. The Awards of Creative Excellence were
created by the LHBA London Home Builders' Association to recognize quality products and accomplishments of its members.

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What's Hot

U-Socket USB Receptacle
Tired of fumbling with adapters and
fighting over free outlets to charge
your family's smartphones and other
USB devices? The U-Socket eliminates
adapter clutter with two built-in USB
ports. The 15-amp duplex AC receptacle
easily replaces a traditional wall outlet. Choose
from seven finishes, including wood grain,
stainless steel, and white.

Let our on-staff electricians get you
plugged in!

From the Blog

A Present to Yourself: A Winter Renovation

Posted on December 1st 2014

A gift to yourself and your family may be a new, beautiful living space or a tidy, bright, functional laundry and mud room. Either way, winter is a perfect time for these types of renovations.

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THE Backsplash

Posted on November 1st 2014

Only a few years ago in the renovation industry, the ‘backsplash’ was that four-inch standing edge on the back of a piece of laminate kitchen countertop. Now the backsplash is elevated to a position requiring serious thought and consideration. It is a key ‘finishing touch’ to anchor all the elements of your renovation project – colour, style, layout, effect. It may blend in and allow the cabinets or countertop to be the feature. Or, the backsplash may be the feature guests and family notice first.

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