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Best to You in 2020

Best to You in 2020

All the Best to our Clients...present, past and future. Wishing you Joy, Peace and Happiness for the Holidays and the New Year. Mike, Jason and the team of Old Castle Renovations READ MORE

Silver lining for Renovating the Basement Basics

Silver lining for Renovating the Basement Basics

When renovating to make the basement even functional, the work likely requires taking the space ‘back to the studs’, sealing the walls and floors to prevent water leaks, looking for and repairing cracks or damage to the foundation, and exposing the ceiling. This may be the opportunity for great... READ MORE

Partnership: Renovation Contractor-Kitchen Designer

Partnership: Renovation Contractor-Kitchen Designer

A renovation contractor is akin to the Director of a play, bringing all the contributions of each of the players into a cohesive final product to realize the vision, pleasure and satisfaction of a homeowner. One big difference though is that there is no dressed rehearsal, and the component parts... READ MORE