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Oakridge: Whole Home Renovation

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A new vision and an open mind rewarded these homeowners in spades. This renovation was a rebuild of the main floor of a ranch-style home. A large, load bearing wall was removed to first open up the main floor space. Then, the renovation expanded the living space into the existing garage, and required filling in two backyard facing windows – both requiring a leap of faith by the homeowners. The results are stunning. The finish is contemporary and infused with energy for a stylish, family-friendly kitchen, bathroom and living room. The flow and continuity in the main floor space makes this home feel brand new. Without the windows, the kitchen space was redesigned in a contemporary style and arrangement, with marble backsplash and quality cabinetry. The main floor bath was redone to give a zen-like spa feel – contemporary tile with a unique look of wood grain was used in shower, modern amenities and chrome complete the uncluttered and calm space. An old brick fireplace was removed in the livingroom and replaced with a new modern stone fireplace. The unique stone in this fireplace required expert craftsmanship and knowledge to lay the stones individually, building a striking feature. Brazilian hardwood floors bring energy into this home of a busy, growing family. The homeowners identified the successfulness of this renovation in the new found space for their family, detailed and quality work, and the feeling of a new life for their home.

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